Kobe Bryant, Nick Cordero & More Left Out of 2020 Emmys 'In Memoriam'

This year’s Emmy Awards honored many titans of television with their touching, powerful “In Memoriam” segment — but some fans were left disappointed. Many took to Twitter during the show to express their shock, confusion and anger that a few big names were left out of the memorial.

While the tribute was a beautiful celebration of life, not every star who died over the last year was included. Specifically, the exclusion of Nick Cordero, Kobe Bryant, and Kelly Preston took many viewers by surprise.

While Bryant — who tragically died in a helicopter crash on Jan. 26, alongside his 13-year-old daughter Gianna and seven others — wasn’t an actor, he was a mainstay on television during his years-long career. Many felt his legacy deserved to be honored, regardless of his involvement in TV production.

The real cause of outrage seemed to stem from where the virtual ceremony was held: The Los Angeles Staples Center, also popularly known as “the house that Kobe built.” So his exclusion from the “In Memoriam” was particularly jarring.

okay also the emmys left out Kobe in the memoriam tribute…..? they were literally IN the staples center HIS HOME ? disappointed

Umm @TheEmmys how do you manage to leave out Kobe Bryant from the In Memoriam while filming at Staples Center?

I wonder why Kobe Bryant was excluded from Emmys Memoriam Tribute? I lost it when I saw Chad Boseman.

am i the only one confused as to why kobe wasnt a part of the in memoriam section??? he was literally involved in the film industry and even has an emmy governors award. they had to make the choice to exclude him like it’s so weird

Where was Kobe and Grant Imahara (from Mythbuster)@Emmys#in memoriam

Wait did the #Emmy not show Kobe during the memoriam? Or did I miss it?

As for Cordero, his tragic death from COVID-19 complications on July 5 came after a very public months-long battle, and his passing impacted many across the entertainment industry.

Cordero was best known for his roles on Broadway, but he’d also had several prominent roles in numerous TV shows, including recurring roles on Blue Bloods and Law & Order: SVU. Fans were quick to point this out as they lamented his absence from the tribute.

Hey @TheEmmys on @ABCNetwork. Why wasn't @iamNickCordero included in your #InMemoriam? He was on TV shows like @BlueBloods_CBS and @nbcsvu. Plus he died from #COVID19. Disappointed at the #Emmys 😤 #NickCorderopic.twitter.com/ptQKkf89pi

I’m surprised Nick Cordero wasn’t included in the Memoriam. #Emmys

Ummmm @[email protected] … no Nick Cordero?? NOT COOL given the nature of his passing…

I’m surprised Nick Cordero wasn’t included in the Memoriam. #Emmys

@TheEmmys where was #NickCordero in that tribute? He was an actor on Bluebloods!!

Meanwhile, Preston’s exclusion was met with equal indignation and disappointment. The actress — who died on July 12 after a battle with cancer — was best known for her film roles, and her celebrated romance with husband (*and occasional co-star) John Travolta.

However, with roles in numerous TV shows and a significant number of made-for-TV movies, it was shocking for many fans that she didn’t get at least a mention in the lengthy segment.

Did you folks just snub Kelly Preston?!!!

Kelly Preston was better known for film, but she made appearances on television shows and deserved to be included in the In Memoriam. #Emmyspic.twitter.com/OZJaae9YCW

why they didn’t put kelly preston in that in memoriam tribute?????? #Emmys

You had one job #emmy
Memoriam #KellyPreston 💔 how could you leave her out 😭

Shouldn’t Kelly Preston have been in the in memoriam? #Emmys

Did you folks just snub Kelly Preston?!!!

they forgot kelly preston wtf #Emmyspic.twitter.com/uevOuu1VRq

They were far from the only celebs that fans felt were snubbed by the “In Memoriam” segment. Mythbusters star Grant Imahara, Monty Python co-creator Terry Jones and horror icon Sid Haig, were also left out — as was two-time Oscar winner and Emmy nominee Olivia de Havilland.

Names missing from the #Emmys#InMemoriam tribute:

Kobe Bryant
Olivia De Havilland
Nick Cordero
Grant Imahara

Terry Jones deserved to be on that list.

No Sid Haig and Monty Python’s Terry Jones on the In Memoriam segment!?! Sid done guest starring roles in dozens of TV series in the 1970’sand 80’s. Damn! #Emmys2020

Bold of the Emmys to believe comedies are significant enough to have their own whole subdivision of awards, but don’t know the history well enough and leave Terry Jones out of the In Memoriam

Where was Terry Jones in the Emmy's In Memorium montage? @[email protected]#Emmy#RIPTerryJones

As always, the Emmys acknowledged that not every celeb who has died this year would be featured in their tribute, citing time constraints. In an effort to respect and honor all those who have died, the Emmys maintain an extensive “In Memoriam” tribute on their website.

For more on this year’s star-studded virtual ceremony, see the video below.

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