Lamar Odom’s Ex Sabrina Parr Claims She’s Been ‘Quietly Battling’ Ovarian Cancer

After coming forward with her cancer diagnosis, the 34-year-old personal trainer reveals that her surgery went ‘successful’ and her tumor was finally removed.

AceShowbizLamar Odom‘s former fiancee Sabrina Parr has come forward with her recent health issues. Taking to her Instagram account, the personal trainer claimed that she has been “quietly battling” ovarian cancer.

Sabrina revealed her diagnosis by sharing a photo of herself getting a CT scan at the hospital. “I have been quietly battling something for quite some time, and I’m finally ready to share it. I found out this year that I have been walking around with a malignant tumor inside my ovary that has grown to about 5 inches wide in size. I’m just now sharing because I’ve had to process a lot!” she kicked off her lengthy post.

“I kept asking God, ‘why couldn’t you have just given me breast cancer since I already don’t have breast’ lol,” she admitted. “Why put it right in the middle of my body? Why right now? I’ve been alive long enough to know that when God wants you to sit down, that’s when he’s preparing you to stand up even taller.”

“I committed to so many things this Summer involving my kids, my niece, and the AAU team, and I knew if I shut down, then so would their lives. I chose to push through for them,” the 34-year-old went on. “I asked God to get me through the Summer. Let me get these kids back to school, and then I can refocus on my health!”

Sabrina then confessed that “every day I fought off depression as I struggled through the pain and watching my body change.” Though so, she kept learning “how to get up and still be me every day.”

“Tomorrow I will undergo surgery to remove my tumor and whatever is necessary to get me healthy and be cancer-free!” she divulged. “I’ll be down for eight weeks and will have minimal mobility. I think that is the most challenging part to process. I’ve had four knee surgeries in the past, so I do know what to expect!”

Sabrina then remind her Instagram followers who “may be going through something similar or anything at all” to “not just lay down and die!” She further urged, “Instead, find new reasons to live! Figure out how to come alive again! At first I was preparing to die. Now I am preparing to live better than ever!!! I’ll see you guys after I wake up tomorrow!”

On Monday, September 13, Sabrina announced that her surgery “was successful” and her tumor was finally removed. “I am now recovering!!” she gushed. “They are having some issues getting my pain under control so they will be keeping me until that’s handled, which is why I had to get a Covid test!!”

“Other than that all is well!!!!” she assured her fans. “Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes! I’ll check back in once I’m home and in my own bed!”

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