Lynda Carter Still Devastated a Little Over a Year After Husband’s Death

The ‘Wonder Woman’ actress is still mourning the death of her husband Robert A. Altman, who died in February last year at the age of 73 from a rare form of leukemia called myelofibrosis.

AceShowbizLynda Carter is still mourning the death of her husband. The “Wonder Woman” actress’ lawyer partner Robert A. Altman died in February 2021 at the age of 73 from a rare form of leukemia called myelofibrosis.

Opening up about being devastated along with their two adult children, the 71-year-old actress told The Guardian, “The guy that I married was handsome, smart, loving. He really did not hold me back in anything I wanted to do. On the contrary, he encouraged me to go back to singing again. Or, ‘Don’t worry, take that movie, I’ll deal with the kids, I’ll bring ’em every weekend, we’ll figure it out.’ “

“And I would do the same for him. If we had a vacation plan, I wouldn’t take a movie, or a singing tour, or something like that, because we had family plans. And we spent as much time as a family together as possible,” she went on sharing. “And then COVID hit, and we were together 24/7. And then in February 2021, he perished.”

Lynda has now switched from acting to singing and her new single is a dance remix of her song “Human and Divine”, which was written for her late husband of 37 years. The actress also slammed the overturning of Roe v Wade. She hit out, “When I see what the supreme court has done, and the glee that is on the faces of people who have stolen the rights of generations of women, I’m just sad.”

“I am so stunned I haven’t really spoken out about my feelings,” she added. “I don’t think I’ve ever been so speechless. That you would have to explain… that a stranger, a policeman, might come to your house to say you had a procedure. Or that if you have IVF you’re capable of murder or something. My God.”

“If we all got to together in state where they are going to arrest anyone who admits to having an abortion,” she continued venting her frustration, “and said, ‘Lock me up?’ I just think we should all race to the state, I don’t care how old you are!… prove it! Prove I’m not pregnant now!”

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