Made In Chelsea’s Nicole Berry had big hair blunder on first day of show: ‘It was terrible’

Made In Chelsea star Nicole Berry shared her first ever experience filming the show, which she admitted to "not being prepared for."

The 24 Canadian model joined the show recently and she's been an instant hit, but what she didn't expect was having to do all of her own glam before going on.

As a result, she wasn't prepared on the hair front and had experienced a blunder just hours before.

"They don't do your makeup for you," Nicole told OK!, adding: "They asked me if I was free to film with 24 hours notice and my roots looked terrible.

"I had to rush to Boots and get a box of hair dye and it went orange because I didn't use toner. So I had random orange roots that didn't match the rest of my hair."

Despite the hair blunder, the reality star admitted the scene she was in was night club lighting so "no one could really tell."

Nicole added: "It was one of those things where anything that could go wrong was.

"I hadn't met anyone by this point and I had no idea what to expect."

The 24 year old shared that they don't tell you what you're filming until you arrive on scene, to make the reactions genuine.

She added: "When I first got there, they tried to pass me off as an extra.

"I was sitting there pretending to be an extra and Sam Thompson immediately came over and pointed at me and went 'You. You are not an extra.'

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"Within two seconds he'd sussed it out and asked my name and where I came from and very quickly he connected the dots that I was a new person on the show."

Nicole's family back in Toronto have been tuning into the show too, and the blonde beauty shared that her dad was taken aback by one of her scenes.

During a date with co-star Tristan Phipps Nicole asked him if he'd show her Big Ben.

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However the innocent question was perceived very differently by Nicole's friends and family back home in Toronto.

In fits of laughter, Nicole told us: "It's very strange knowing my dad is watching. I was mortified when I made a silly comment to Tristan.

"I was on a date with him on the show and I said a comment like 'oh, are you going to show me Big Ben?' I genuinely, genuinely meant Big Ben like the clock. Everyone was like 'you are so funny,' and I was like 'what, why?'

"My dad was like 'Big Ben, Nicole? Really?' Bless him."

Nicole's question was taken as a rude remark by her nearest and dearest, but despite the initial shock, the star admitted her dad is actually very laidback when it comes to dating talk.

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