Madonna Hides Her ‘Ugly’ Teeth With Grills

In a new television interview, the ‘Like a Virgin’ hitmaker reveals to her devotees that she doesn’t think her teeth look nice so she decides to wear grills to cover them.

AceShowbizMadonna doesn’t really like her teeth. She thinks they are so “ugly” that she wears mouth grills to hide them.

Regularly seen wearing jewellery over her gnashers, the 63-year-old pop superstar finally opened up about why she decided to change up her look with customised mouth bling – admitting she worries her teeth don’t look very nice.

During an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon“, she showed off her latest grill piece, telling the host, ‘I just got these new grills, and if I start lisping will you tell me?’ Jimmy replied, “Ooh they’re beautiful! I love them.”

The ‘Material Girl’ singer then went on to explain she had the new grills made as a special birthday present for herself as she prepares to turn 64 on August 16. She added, “They’re my ‘birthday grills. It’s almost my birthday, so I got myself a pair of grills.”

Madonna then told the host she has been wearing mouth jewellery for “decades” and explained the reason why she covers her teeth. She said, “People have a problem with my grills, I don’t know why … I just like the way it looks – it’s mouth jewellery – and I have really ugly teeth.”

During the interview, Madonna continued to worry about whether her latest accessory was giving her a lisp and went to take it out before the host stopped her, saying, “No, don’t! Leave it, it looks cool!”

She also spoke about her fashion forward 16-year-old son David Banda, revealing he often gets inspiration from his mother’s wardrobe. The singer said, “He can put on any outfit and look swag as ‘you know what.’ It’s really irritating. He wears my clothes and looks better in them. He can even wear a dress and look butch.”

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