Martha Stewart on If Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian Will Last: "No, Of Course Not"

Hello, good morning, Martha Stewart was asked about Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian dating and did. not. hold. back. Which makes sense given the fact that she is clearly close to Pete based on the way she is holding/clutching his hand with literally both of hers in this pic:

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Anyway, Martha spoke to Us Weekly about her run-in with Pete and Kim at the White House Correspondents’ dinner (the night of this fated hand-hold), saying “They’re fun. They’re very nice together…They’re hanging out. They seem to be very fun with one another.”

However, Martha was then asked if she thought the relationship was going to “last” and said “No, of course not,” adding that she has “no idea” how serious they are.

I’m truly going to NEED A MOMENT.

Kim and Pete have been dating since October (which is just about seven months), but if you, like Martha, would like to know how serious Pete and Kim are, Kim recently answered this exact question to Robin Roberts on Good Morning America. “I am a relationship kind of girl, for sure, and I wouldn’t be with someone if I didn’t plan on spending a lot of my time with them,” Kim said. “Obviously, I want to take my time, but I’m very happy and very content. And it’s such a good feeling just to be at peace.”

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