Meet Shubman Gill’s Sister, Shahneel

Almost every day Shahneel, star India batter Shubman Gill’s elder sister, is trolled online for what she wears, even when she’s out cheering him bring home a handsome victory at the M Chinnaswamy stadium in Bengaluru, last Sunday. Her post attracted nearly 8,000 comments, most of them rude.

That doesn’t seem to bother her a wit. It in no way dissuades her from adding more roshnee to our Instagram feeds with her scene-stealing ‘fits.

This pyari Punjabi kudi has impeccable taste.

Shine on, Shahneel, no matter if your life is ‘kabhi lit, kabhi sh*t’, and you hope ‘rabb ji saves her from nazar‘ and ignore the ‘gram garbage-mouthed goblins’. You always have our vote.









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