Michelle Young Feels Like She "Hit the Jackpot" Getting Engaged to Nayte Olukoya

In case you missed the memo, Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya are head over heels in love with each other. The Bachelorette lovebirds let all those love vibes flow on Instagram this weekend with gushy tribute posts.

Let’s start with Michelle, even though, technically, her IG gush fest came second. Michelle shared a photo (and video) dump post highlighting the unbearable cuteness that is her relationship with her fiancé. The gallery post include such aww-worthy moments as Nayte snuggling with his beloved English cocker spaniel Percy, Nayte dancing in the kitchen, and Nayte and Michelle enjoying a DIY spa day.

“Strutting into 2022 after hitting the jackpot feels pretty good 🥰,” she captioned the toothache-inducing (in a good way!) post.


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Adorable, right? Now, onto Nayte, who actually posted his relationship tribute Insta a day before Michelle. Nayte’s photo dump was a glorious treasure trove of pictures of Michelle (including some LOL candids), because apparently taking pictures of Michelle Young is basically his full-time job now.

“Michelle is still trying her best to get used to her new personal paparazzi (who works overtime). 📸,” he captioned the post (see—snapping Michelle is now his FULL. TIME. JOB.).


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This is far from the first time Michelle and Nayte have publicly adored each other. After their season’s finale aired, Michelle told People, “I fall more in love every day. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a family with a healthy marriage and I thought, ‘I’m not going to give up until I have that.’ He’s my person. And I didn’t know I could love at this level.”

Oh, and ICYMI, during that engagement interview with People, Michelle and Nayte also established the fact that they plan to basically sprint down the aisle.

“The planning is picking up speed,” Michelle said. “No shade to anybody who wants a long engagement, but that’s not us. We’re like, ‘Cool, you’re my person, I’m your person.’ We’re ready!”

Nayte got even more specific, teasing a potential 2022 wedding date, which is practically instantaneous in Bachelor Nation time.

“I’m looking forward to packing up and seeing what Minnesota is like,” he explained. “I’m all in. And I’m excited! We are both leaning towards a summertime wedding.”

Honestly, it’s pretty impossible not to root for these two, so that’s what we’ll be doing for the next…forever or so.

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