#Mom&Me: Tell Your MOTHER Why She Is SPECIAL

When your mother is not around, what do you miss?

Her smell? Her cooking? How the tone of her voice tells you exactly what she wants to say even if her words don’t? The way she calls you in her special way?

The way she’s always aware of your hopes, needs and fears? And gives you the strength to face anything, and everything, Life may throw at you?

Moms are SPECIAL.

They are, literally, God’s Gift to us, the one person who will be there for you when no one else is.

Each one of us knows why our mothers are special.

We may not tell her, we may not tell anyone, but we know.

This Mother’s Day, let the world find out why your mom unique.

Make her feel extraordinary.

By sharing your feelings in words. Through a story, or an anecdote, or by just revealing how your life has transformed because she’s in it.

You might even want to share a video. Or a poem that you have written for her.

We often take our mothers for granted. This Mother’s Day — it falls on Sunday, May 8 — tell her, and the world, why your mother is one in a million.

Dear Readers, let’s celebrate Mothers.

Choose your favourite photo of your mom’s and tell us why that picture means so much to you.

Is there a valuable lesson your mother has taught you?

Or an incident from her life that you can never forget?

What is it you love most about your mother and why?

Write a poem for her or sing her favourite song as part of your message.

Send us your responses at [email protected] subject line: ‘Mom and Me’). Share your stories about your mother, along with her picture. Do remember to mention your NAME, your MOTHER’S NAME, and where you LIVE.

We’ll feature the best responses on Rediff.com.

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