Naagin 3 finale 25 May 2019 written update of full episode: The start of the great battle between Shivangi, Shravni, Shesha, Tanya keeps fans intrigued for the end | Bollywood Life

Previous episode saw Ritik (Arjun Bijlani) and Rocky (Karanvir Bohra) taking away the Naagmani from Shivangi by tricking her. Shivangi is Ritik and Shivanya’s daughter. Rocky was married to Shivangi in season 2 and both Ritik and Rocky turned evil in season 2 and killed Shivangi. Now Shravni, Shivangi, Mihir and Vishakha are in the basement. That is where Shivangi tells her how she had taken refuge in the Shiv Mandir to stay away from avenging her father and husband. She reveals she has come out only to help Shravni.

Meanwhile, Sumitra announces that she is waiting for a special person and won’t hand over the Naagmani to anyone except them. While Taamsi who has grown up to be Tanya is furious, Ritik and Rocky wonder who is the person who is buying the Naagmani from Sumitra. Down in the basement while Shivangi and Bela decide to fight for the Naagmani together, Mihir and Vishakha find a book. It has a secret. Meanwhile, Yamini (Sudha Chandran) enters as the surprise guest.

Yamini exchanges three bags of money with Sumitra for the Naagmani and orders them to call all their slaves from the basement. Sumitra asks Alekh to get Shravni, Shivangi, Vishakha and Mihir. He follows Sumitra’s orders and ties them all by pillars. However, before going upstairs, Vishakha tears the page out of the book which has the secret and takes it along without anyone’s notice. As the great meet between Yamini and Shivangi happens and the villains threaten to kill all of them, Vishakha asks for a last wish to be fulfilled before she dies. She asks to let her hug Shravni one last time. As she is allowed to do so, Vish shows Shravni the paper and uses a hidden cutter to free her. No one notices this.

Yamini begins torchoring Shivangi with the Naagmani and is about ti kill her with it and stab her as well. But Shivangi’s prayers to Bholenath are answered as a strong storm picks up. Yamini is held captive by the storm but Sumitra tries to stab Shravni who runs to Shivangi’s help. However, Mihir stabs Sumitra in the back. By this time all have been freed and individual fights begin. Shravni and Vishakha attack Sumitra and Tanya. They bite them and finish them off. Mihir is busy fighting Rocky and Ritik. Shravni and Vish then bite the maha sapera as well. Shivangi meanwhile bites Yamini and sends her to hell with the Naagmani.

Mihir hands over the paper to Shravni and disappears. But Ritik and Rocky who have been hiding in a corner ask for forgiveness from Shivangi to yet again fool her. She gets emotional and says she can’t kill her father and husband and hands over the Naagmani to them. They again change sides and are about to kill Shivangi when Shravni intervenes. She shows Shivangi the paper and it is revealed that the real Ritik and Rocky had been enslaved years ago and imposters had killed Shivanya and Shivangi respectively. When this truth is out there, the two imposters reveal combine together to reveal that they are infact two parts of Shesha. Shesha (Adaa Khan) appears at this point and admits that she had killed both Shivanya and Shivangi.

Shivangi pleads for Shesha to tell her where Ritik and Rocky are but Shesha demands the Naagmani as earlier a fake one had been handed over to her. The big fight between Shivangi and Shesha begins where Shesha has 2 heads and Shivangi has one. Shivangi vows to kill Shesha, kill the evil and find Ritik and Rocky.

This is where the first part of the epic finale halts. The next episode will see the real Ritik and Rocky being brought back by Mihir. Shravni will take on Shesha and Tanya who is back with her full powers. The Naagmani will go back to its original place.

So, did you like the first part of the finale? Honestly, we cannot wait to watch tomorrow’s episode. Stay tuned to BollywoodLife till then.

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