Nadia Sawalha hits back at claims she called Coleen Nolan fat on Loose Women

Unhappy Nadia Sawalha has angrily denied she ever called Loose Women co-star Coleen Nolan 'fat'.

It came as the panel debated whether it was acceptable to speak about your partner's weight.

Some asked questions after she said to the Irish star on Wednesday's show: "But I don't think you can be throwing away funny comments about people's weight unless you really know because it can be so hurtful.

"You're very comfortable with your fa…."

Jumping in, laughing Coleen yelled as she spat out her water: "With my fat?!" before giggling Nadia said: "No!"

"You were going to say family, weren't you?" Coleen said.

Nadia responded: "I was going to say you were comfortable with your family saying that.

"I mean, we all know we're overweight, let's not joke about it!"

But some took this as a dig at the former singer – and Nadia wants to set the record straight as she took to Instagram and twitter.

"I just find it so depressing," she said. "Body confidence and body positivity is something I really struggle with and that I try and do so much about on my social media.

"I’m really cross, upset and weary with how quickly the media want to leap on anything they feel can turn women against women.

"The horrid headlines tonight are quite simply not true . I did NOT call @coleen_nolan fat as some would have you believe. I was actually about to say family NOT fat!

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