Natalie Mordovtseva Pushes Back as Trish Demands She Get a “Real” Job in Sequim

On last weekend’s 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Natalie and Mike visited Mike’s mom.

Trish mentioned the idea that Natalie might work as a translator, given that she is bilingual.

Natalie shot down the idea, and it seemed like the matter had dropped.

Clearly, it has not.

In this sneak peek clip of Season 6, Episode 6, Natalie Mordovtseva is sitting with Trish.

It’s unclear where Mike Youngquist is at the time.

Which means that his wife and his mother and law have no one to mediate.

Sitting outside with a vibe that somehow says “beach” even though it’s Oklahoma in November, the women talk.

Natalie has completed her paperwork for her work visa.

Despite the pandemic and lockdowns, that is being processed — but she has not yet heard back.

“When you get your visa, your work visa,” Trish begins.

“I think that a good way for you to make some money is to be an interpreter,” she suggests.

Trish explains “because I think that you could make a lot of money and never even leave the house.”

“You could do it all, like, on the video chat,” Trish continues.

Her daughter-in-law is bewildered to hear her once again push this idea that she has turned down.

“Why are you offering me this job?” Natalie asks. “I don’t understand.”

Trish explains that she’s being pushy on this topic “because you have to work.”

“You can’t depend on him,” she reasons.

Trish adds: “It doesn’t seem very fair.”

“What about what I want?” Natalie asks. “My dreams?”

“Yeah,” Trish replies, “but right now, with COVID and everything, you could still do this.”

She then tells her daughter-in-law that it could be “until it’s time for you to go work on the dreams.”

Trish reasons “because, right now, you can’t do anything with your dreams.”

At least, not “when it comes to going, say, to Hollywood.”

Clearly, this strikes a nerve with Natalie.

“I don’t think I need to go to Hollywood,” Natalie retorts.

“First of all,” she says, “my age — I’m 36.”

Natalie explains: “I don’t believe in miracles.”

“But I definitely, I know, that I am worthy to work for TV channel,” Natalie says.

“Okay,” Trish replies.

“And,” Natalie continues, “I can work in Seattle.”

“Because, actually, I am not out of my mind,” Natalie says.

Clearly, she felt that Trish was trying to “handle” her after perceiving her goals to be unrealistic.

“I’m very smart,” Natalie asserted.

With an apologetic tone, Trish explained: “I thought you wanted to work in the movies.”

Interesting, since she speaks to Mike every day — does Mike also misunderstand Natalie?

“That’s why I said that,” Trish emphasized.

“In Ukraine, I was working for two years for TV channels,” Natalie tells the cameras.

Still in the confessional, she adds: “Working in more than 10 movies.”

“This is bulls–t,” Natalie declares.

“I have all this work. And it’s really hard work,” Natalie says accurately of acting.

Picking a truly perplexing comparison, she adds: “Tell it to Johnny Depp that it’s not work.”

Trailing off and seeming to space out, Natalie then continues: “Or to … I don’t know, some other stars.”

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