Novak Djokovic Destroys Tennis Racket in Fit of Rage During Australian Open Match (Video)

Novak Djokovic is going viral after he destroyed his tennis racket in a fit of rage while playing in the 2021 Australian Open today.

The 33-year-old tennis pro was playing against Alexander Zverev of Germany during day nine of the Open at Melbourne Park in Melbourne, Australia.

The current number one men’s player in the world accidentally blew a play while hitting his ball into the net. In a fit of rage, he destroyed his racket on the court and even left some white marks on the blue ground.

Someone actually had to come to the court to clean up after the fit of rage. Novak ended up winning the match and will play in the semi-finals tomorrow.

Novak has been no stranger to controversy and was actually disqualified from the US Open this past year after hitting his tennis ball into the throat of a line judge.

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