‘One of the worst I’ve seen!’ Roman Kemp on frustrations over project with dad Martin Kemp

Roman Kemp on using old tech to tackle 'digital exclusion'

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Roman Kemp, 28, has lifted the lid on his various on-screen stints with his dad, Spandau Ballet star Martin Kemp, 60. The Capital Breakfast presenter has previously appeared on Celebrity Gogglebox with the musician, who he now has another ongoing project with.

Roman and Martin have teamed up with HelloFresh to create a mini-series called Dishing Up with the Kemps.

The series will show families how they can easily prepare delicious meals at home using HelloFresh’s subscription service that delivers to their door.

Speaking about the collaboration, Roman said: “It was a really nice kind of thing that kind of happened really naturally.

“It’s something that my parents have been using for a long time and have been pushing me.”

He continued: “But it’s an amazing product – especially throughout lockdown.

“I think especially now in January, where everyone’s portion control is out of control. It’s such a perfect product.

“So it was really nice being able to work with my dad, it’s always great, and to be honest, it’s just a lot of fun. The shoot days are a lot of fun.”

However, Roman pointed out that his dad is not a very skilled cook and would rather follow the recipes word-for-word.

He explained the downsides of working with Martin, adding: “[…] watching him cook is so frustrating.

“Thank God for my dad that there’s, like, instructions and recipes because he is… He’s one of those people… He gets so mixed up. So he was lucky that there was a recipe book there.

“But in terms of actual off the cuff cooking, he is probably one of the worst I’ve ever seen.”

Martin is known for being the bassist in band Spandau Ballet and for his role as Steve Owen in EastEnders.

He rose to worldwide fame in 1978 after joining the Islington-based group.

Roman’s mum, Shirlie, 59, was also a huge figure in the music world as part of Wham!.

Martin has been heavily rumoured throughout the years as being the man who appears alongside Shirlie in Wham!’s iconic Last Christmas video.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain last December, the couple addressed the speculation.

“I had a boyfriend, he was an actor,” Shirlie began to explain as Martin jokingly interrupted: “Shirlie was two-timing me with an actor!”

She continued: “He was an American actor, but everyone thought that was Martin but it wasn’t.

“So, let’s say that now, Martin wasn’t in the Last Christmas video.”

HelloFresh has teamed up with Martin and Roman Kemp to launch a brand new mini- series called Dishing Up with the Kemps

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