Phillip Schofield says he was never officially offered This Morning role

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Phillip Schofield has revealed that he was never officially offered the job for ITV's daytime talk show, This Morning.

The popular television broadcaster has been fronting the well-known series since 2002, with his co-host and partner in crime Holly Willoughby joining him years later in 2009.

And during an interview with Spandau Ballet star Gary Kemp on Friday's episode of This Morning, the 59 year old joked that he was still waiting on show bosses to tell him that his audition was over.

"I've never officially been given this job," Phillip told Gary, to which he shockingly replied: "Have you not?"

Phillip explained: "I was briefly offered it, came in, did a bit, and that's it… I've never left!" he said.

With the studio erupting into laughter, Phillip joked: "So, I'm still waiting for the shoulder tap and someone to say, 'Phil, your audition is over now'."

Meanwhile, later in the show, Phil was left in hysterics as he watched a clip of fellow host Alison Hammond falling over in her garden.

Phillip joked that he had got a "hell of a shock" after watching the "extended" footage and quipped that he now knew Alison "considerably better".

He quipped: "She did show me the video earlier this morning, I now know you considerably better than I've ever known you before!

"We should point out that Alison fell over on the path, and her leg – I've seen the wound, it is nasty, but as she fell over in the pouring rain… she wasn't wearing any knickers."

To which Alison started hysterically laughing, with a giggling Phillip saying: "I got a hell of a shock when I watched that first thing this morning!"

With Alison, in between hysterics, joking: "You didn't stop, you were like that [opens her mouth], having a good little look weren't you? You were loving it!"

To which Alison, Phillip and Holly started laughing uncontrollably over the hilarious comments.

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