Rod Stewart pulls pints in Glasgow bar amid claims ‘Essex mansion is now football ground’

Sir Rod Stewart fills potholes next to his home

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Football fanatic Rod Stewart had dropped into the Dirty Duchess pub in Glasgow’s Argyle Street during yesterday’s match between Celtic and Park Rangers. It was a 1-1 draw at Parkhead but that did little to curb 77-year-old Rod’s enthusiasm as he rolled up his sleeves and got involved behind the bar.

Rod doesn’t want his son or the other kids to suffer, so he’s turned his place into their official training ground

A source close to Rod Stewart

Despite selling over 250 million records worldwide, the international superstar was blending in with bar staff and acting just like any other punter in the pub.

The Dirty Duchess wrote on its Facebook page: “Great to have spare bartender Rod ‘the mod’ Stewart tonight!”

He was certainly a hit with thirsty football fans, reportedly chatting away while drinking pints of Guinness in between sessions of serving them.

The Do Ya Think I’m Sexy singer even posed for photos at the beer pumps.

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However, it’s not just his beloved Celtic team that Rod has been standing in support of – back home in Essex, he has reportedly turned a football pitch at his Epping Forest mansion into a training ground for his son’s local Under 12s team.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the boys lost their training ground – something which majorly impacted Rod’s 11-year-old son Aiden.

The big-hearted singer, who also doubles up as a coach for the boys, transformed the pitch to enable the Junior Hoops team to keep playing uninterrupted. has contacted Rod Stewart’s representatives for comment.

Despite recent knee and ankle surgery, Rod has since healed enough to enjoy a kick-about himself.

A source revealed that he is “hugely passionate” about mentoring the team, who wear the same colours as his beloved Celtic.

[Rod] has opened his house to the entire team, along with the coaches and parents, to allow them to train,” the source explained to The Sun.

“[He] doesn’t want his son or the other kids to suffer, so he’s turned his place into their official training ground.

“Now, twice a week, the team turn up to play and train for their matches.


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“It means the world to Rod that he is able to do that for his son and their team.”

It has been a great opportunity for Rod to practise his own personal fitness too, as he prepares for his North American and UK tour dates later this year.

He might have declared last year that his “football days are over” but that doesn’t mean he isn’t up for an amateur kick about.

In an interview last year, he recalled a mishap when his 15-year-old son had accidentally kicked him during a tackle for the ball, causing the youngster to burst into floods of apologetic tears.

In spite of the mishap, he regards himself as “still good to go” on the field, exclaiming earnestly: “I can still kick the ball around, but just not as much as I used to.”

He has developed an awe-inspiring exercise regime that many half his age might find rigorous, training three times a week for at least two hours each session.

Rod finds that the tough SAS-inspired workouts, including swimming while holding the weight of a heavy brick, improve not just his mood and fitness, but his singing voice too.

“Frank Sinatra taught me… he said, ‘If you want to improve your lung capacity on your voice, do underwater swimming,'” Rod revealed to BBC Sounds.

Besides that, Rod was also busily at work filling in potholes in his hometown earlier this year, after claiming his local council had failed to maintain them.

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