Roxanne Pallett’s new ‘boyfriend’ branded her ‘disgusting’ and ‘manipulative’

Roxanne Pallett could be heading towards an awkward first argument with her rumoured new boyfriend as it emerged he branded her “manipulative” and “disgusting” on Twitter.

The 36-year-old ex-Emmerdale actress is said to be dating a former model named Mike Etherington – four months after she was dumped by former fiancé Lee Walton.

However, it seems Mike had some rather choice words to describe Roxanne back in September last year after the actress made headlines during her time in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Fans of the since-cancelled Five show will recall Roxanne caused furore when she accused fellow contestant Ryan Thomas, 34, of being a “woman beater” when he lightly tapped her arm during a play fight.

The incident caused widespread condemnation as Roxanne was called out for her behaviour – with fans and critics of the show giving their opinions of the actress via social media: including Mike.

"Manipulative, disgusting, attention seeking women who fake abuse, it's not only a slap in the face of true victims but a slap in the face of the law,” Mike wrote on Twitter as he reacted to the news online.

"This type of person needs criminal prosecution, equal to what a genuine abuser would face. #CBB,” he continued.

He didn’t stop there, later repeating his view that the actress should have faced legal action over her behaviour.

“Girls who lie about domestic abuse should face the same consequences as a genuine abuser would,” Mike theorised.

“There needs to be a strong deterrent as situations like this are a slap in the face to genuine victims, and it can undeservedly ruin a genuinely good person's life forever. #CBB,” he added.

Roxanne has since seen her professional life collapse – as she lost a string of lucrative TV, radio and stage roles following the CBB backlash.

She has since worked to reinvent herself as a mental health guide – frequently sharing inspirational posts and words of advice online.

And while her engagement to Lee Walton came to a crashing end earlier this year, it appears she is finally moving on in the romantic stakes as she was spotted on a date with Mike over the weekend.

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