Rylan hints at reason he and ex Dan never reconciled: ‘We both know the truth’

Rylan Clarkhas dropped hints as to why he and ex-husband, formerBig Brother contestant Dan Neal, never fully reconciled after their split last year.

Following their devastating separation, popular TV presenter Rylan, 33, took a five month career break while he battled with depression, which at one got so bad that he ended up attempting suicide. Now in a much better place, Rylan's admitted that he is glad his attempt was unsuccessful.

Rylan's soon set to release his memoir Ten: The Decade That Changed My Future, which hit shelves next week on Tuesday 27 September.

In his book, the 33 year old opens up further about the reasons behind his split, and why he and ex-husband Dan never really reconciled following this.

In his memoir, Rylan reveals that he cheated on Dan “years ago” but only told him in 2021, which caused the former police officer to walk out on their six year marriage.

While the pair did attempt to give their relationship another go, Dan ultimately left again after just two weeks.

Rylan writes: “It still keeps playing on my mind why he didn’t want to work to fix what we had. Well, unfortunately/fortunately, I found my answers.

“I won’t go into any more detail about what happened. I can’t bear to, but we both know the truth.”

He says that despite the heartache he felt at the time, Rylan no longer feels that he dropped a bombshell and ruined his “supposedly” perfect life.

Adding that in the end, he believes he ultimately saved himself, although he didn’t quite realise it back then.

In a cryptic admission about his divorce, Rylan added: “And next time, I’d get a prenup. Silly pr***.”

The Ready Steady Cook presenter has previously opened up about the health issues he’s faced in the last year,having been rushed to hospital twice due to heart failure.

He said: “Twice last year I ended up in the back of an ambulance because my heart failed.

“I just remember the shot going in and all of a sudden this feeling from the middle of your body, both ways, almost takes you over, and you just stop and my heart stopped.

“There's just seven faces and this bright light just looking at me. And then I took a breath. And they were like, 'He's in a normal rhythm'.

“I was like, 'What the f**k is going on?'”

This terrifying experience formed just one part of a harrowing 2021 for the star, and saw his heart rate soar to a dangerously fast 248 BPM, more than double the upper limit for the average heart rate.


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