Sadie Robertson reveals why giving birth to her daughter was 'very scary’ and 'really dangerous'

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Sadie Robertson is sharing her “scary” birth story.

In May, the “Duck Dynasty” alum, 24, welcomed a daughter, Honey, with her husband Christian Huff.

During the July 7 episode of her “Whoa! That’s Good” podcast, Robertson explained that the birthing process became “crazy” when the doctor told her she had “one last push” to bring Honey into the world.

“All of a sudden I was pushed down on the bed, they pushed my mom out of the way and every nurse in the room was just over me, and they were pulling my legs and pushing my stomach as hard as they could,” she said, per Us Weekly. “I thought they cut me open because of how painful it was when they pressed on my stomach. Now I know they were pressing my pelvis bone to get her out because what happened was Honey got stuck.” 

Sadie Robertson revealed that one of her daughter Honey’s shoulders got ‘stuck’ during birth, but she suffered no injuries.
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Robertson clarified: “Her shoulder got stuck.”

Such an issue is “really rare,” according to the star. She was told by a nurse that the ordeal is “the scariest thing that can happen in a vaginal delivery.”

“In that moment, every second counts and they couldn’t get her out for two minutes and 10 seconds,” the author recalled. “This really was very scary and really dangerous. I knew something was wrong because of the pain, and the doctor [had] just told me, ‘Next push, she’s here.'”

After that, Honey’s knee got stuck as well, leading to a “crazy” recovery for the newborn.

“The nurses said she really should not have been breathing on her own. They were about to take her to the NICU,” said Robertson. “… Her shoulder wasn’t even broken, and they tried to break it to get her out. It was supposed to be, but it wasn’t. The nurses came and they were like, ‘It has to be dislocated.’ It wasn’t even dislocated.”

Three different doctors looked at Honey’s shoulder and “were in disbelief” that she was uninjured. 

“She never had to have any other care because she was so strong,” the new mother gushed.

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