Sharon Stone Shoots Down Rumors She's Dating 25-Year-Old Rapper RMR

Sharon Stone is hilariously denying she’s dating rapper RMR … and we say hilarious because she couldn’t stop laughing when a photog raised the rumor about her and the 25-year-old.

Sharon was out Thursday in Beverly Hills with her son, Roan, when paps asked whether it’s true she’s dating the up-and-coming artist. You gotta see the reaction from Sharon and her 21-year-old son. Lots of 😂😂😂 .

The actress straight up says she’s NOT dating the rapper … and Roan even tells the photog, “You couldn’t have asked a funnier question.

Now, the reason it’s even been a rumor is because she was photographed last month at an L.A. club with RMR … and not just hanging with him, but wearing one of his trademark face masks.

Based on her reaction in this video … we’d say those pics were nothing more than a friendly photo op for RMR.

BTW … one other thing Sharon did not find quite as funny was what happened to one of the photogs shooting her. Dude wiped out hard, but Sharon kept a straight face, and was actually super gracious.

Bottom line, the “Catwoman” star is no cougar … not for RMR, anyway.

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