Sia Offers to Adopt Rapper Teen Dasani From HBO's 'Foster'

“I want you to know you will have a home with me.”

Sia is ready to become a "Foster" mom!

The singer announced on Twitter she wants to adopt Dasani, one of the teens featured on HBO’s heartbreaking documentary series.

"Hey dasani from "FOSTER" on @HBO! I’d like to adopt you we’re just trying to find you and get my house check done etc. but I want you to know you will have a home with me," she tweeted on Monday night.

Dasani, who is 16, captured the (elastic) hearts of many who have watched the new eye-opening series. The show centers on the "often-misunderstood" world of foster care, focusing on LA, telling the stories of foster parents, social workers, advocates — and of course the foster children themselves.

Dasani’s story is particularly tragic; having watched the man he considered his father shoot his mother dead when he was just four years old, he has been "bouncing around" (his own words) group homes since he was a child.

One of the shortcomings of the system highlighted by the series is the limited disciplinary responses for those in foster care, which usually involves law enforcement; after being involved in an alleged fight in a group home, Dasani tested positive for marijuana, which left him on probation and under court supervision — which never would have happened to someone from an "intact" home.

"Being in a group home is like lock down… it’s like having a big old chain attached to your leg. You go, and if it don’t work out, you go somewhere completely different. it’s like, you’re just bouncing from place to place to place to place to place," Dasani says in a clip.

"You don’t know none of these people, it’s a whole new experience, it’s a whole new environment… everything is different."

Although producer Deborah Oppenheimer previously indicated she had hoped to make a "hopeful" film, most of the separate stories followed in the docu-series end on melancholy epilogues, including Dasani not getting taken in by anybody… until now.

Sia, who is as accomplished a producer as she is a performer, would not only be able to provide a home for the teen, but nurture an extraordinary talent he has for rapping, which he demonstrated in the unlikely setting of a courtroom in front of a judge in one of documentary’s many bittersweet scenes.

Dasani wouldn’t be the first talented youngster Sia helped unlock full potential either — just ask Maddie Ziegler. After starring in her 4billion-viewed videos for "Chandelier" and "Elastic Heart", the now 16-year-old went on to tour across the world with the singer, penned a New York Times best-selling memoir, and was named on Time’s 30 Most Influential Teens list three years running.

Sia’s decision was met with delight among her fans, including one adoptee whom she retweeted.

"This is beautiful, being adopted changed my life. No matter how young or old, we need family to carry us, laugh with us & love us. You learn to never take family for granted. Bless you @sia I hope you manage to connect with Dasani’s caseworkers & work everything out."

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