Simon Rimmer: Sunday Brunch chef issues apology over family admission ‘I’m really sorry’

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Sunday Brunch presenter Simon Rimmer, 57, has apologised to his mum for deciding to make changes to one of their favourite dessert recipes for “Granny’s cake”. The star addressed the situation during last weekend’s episode and shocked co-host Tim Lovejoy, 52, and guest Vicky Pattison, 32, with his surprising admission.

He explained to viewers: “I’m going to make Granny’s cake.

“So this is a recipe from my mum, in fact it’s not a recipe from my mum, it’s called Granny’s cake because it’s actually a recipe from my mum and dad’s former next door neighbour’s granny.

“So it’s always been known as granny’s cake and it’s my favourite cake that my mum makes and at my birthday and Christmas she gives me one of these every single year.”

However, Simon then looked very sheepish as he divulged: “But mum, I’m really sorry, I’ve changed the recipe.”

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The chef’s revelation prompted gasps from Tim and Vicky, before the former quizzed: “What have you changed?”

Simon then admitted he wanted to give his mum some time to process the news before revealing his adaptations.

He replied: “I’ll come to it because I’m just giving her time to sit down and my dad to console her.”

Simon went on to say: “I’ve added some oil into it mum and a load of kind of mixed fruit and peel.”


The television personality then apologised once again, as he added the oil into the cake mixture.

While explaining his cooking process, the star said: “The cakey bit’s in there and mum, apologies for the oil in there.

“And this is just raspberries, honey and vanilla and literally smash them up, beautiful, and then what we get is this delicious cake.”

Elsewhere, Simon opened up about his relationship with his wife Ali.

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The pair have been married for over two decades and share two children together; Flo and Hamish.

The Channel 4 star was quizzed on the challenges he has faced over the years and opened up about married life.

Simon gave a rare insight into his family as he discussed being committed to his other half.

“There are more personal challenges that require a different kind of strength and commitment,” the former Strictly Come Dancing contestant mused.

“I have been married for 22 years and like most people we have our ups and we have our downs.”

Simon continued: “However, communication is so important – to be open and honest with someone about your feelings is just so important – and we have managed to stay strong and committed throughout all of the things we have been through.”

The Sunday Brunch host added to Mind Map how “happy and fortunate” he is to have his family.

Simon said: “On a personal level, I am very happy and fortunate to have the family I do. My wife is my rock and my partner in life and we have marvellous children who I am so proud of.”

Sunday Brunch airs today at 9.30am on Channel 4.

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