Sophie Turner found out Joe Jonas had filed for divorce in awful circumstances

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Sophie Turner discovered her estranged husband Joe Jonas had filed for divorce in one of the worst ways possible.

The Game Of Thrones actress, who married Jonas in 2019 and shares two children with the singer, says she was not personally told that divorce proceedings had started.

Jonas filed for divorce on September 1 this year after the breakdown of their marriage, which happened “very suddenly” after a huge argument at his birthday party on August 15.

Rather than being told in person, on the phone or even by text or email, Turner says she found out “through the media”.

This has come out in legal documents after the Game Of Thrones actress filed a lawsuit in New York today to move their kids to the UK.

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In the documents, it states: “The parties had an argument on August 15, 2023. On or about September 1, 2023, the Father filed a divorce case against the Mother in Florida.

“On or about September 5, 2023, the Mother found out through the media that the Father had filed for divorce.”

It’s then claimed that nearly two weeks later, the pair met up for a big showdown to discuss what would happen with their children.

This has become a major sticking point, with Sophie wanting to take the two children back to the UK, as she claims this was their original plan before the break up.

The actress says she and the Jonas Brothers star agreed over Christmas 2022 that they would make their “forever home” in England and would begin looking for schools for their older daughter, Willa.

“The parties were both excited for the family’s move to England,” the documents state.

However, the plans were thrown into chaos when the former couple had a big clash and decided to part ways.

In the documents, it says: “On or about September 17, 2023, the parties met to discuss their separation.

“The Mother reiterated the parties’ agreed plan for the children to return home to England that week.

“The Father has possession of the children’s passports. He refuses to return the passports to the Mother and refuses to send the children home to England with the Mother.”

According to the filing, Jonas’ attorney then confirmed on September 19 that he won’t return the passports or consent to the daughters moving to the UK.

This led to the lawsuit, and Turner reportedly also intends to file a smiliar one in the UK here her case would allegedly be a “breach” of her custody rights.

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