Status Quo’s Francis Rossi refuses to drive his £90k BMW ‘I’ll get someone to pick me up’

BBC Breakfast: Francis Rossi says ‘I should get off now’

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Multi-millionaire Status Quo co-founder Francis Rossi, 72, has revealed his tips for saving large sums of money on a daily basis. The rocker suggested his career is not likely to take off again and therefore, he must be aware of his spending.

When asked whether he is a spender or a saver, Francis explained: “I look after money.

“I’m not miserly, but I worry about money long before there’s any need to.

“I’m 72 and it has hit me that most of my life has gone.

“I’ve always figured I’ll live until I’m 93.

“How the b****y hell am I going to finance that? My career’s not suddenly going to take off again, is it?”

The musician also admitted to having people pick him up instead of driving his £90,000 BMW in a bid to spend less and avoid putting the miles on his car.

He added to the Sunday Times: “I go around turning lights off.

“I’ve had my car nearly two years and I’ve only done 2,000 miles in it.

“If I’m going somewhere I’ll get someone to pick me up, I don’t want to put the miles on my car.

“Once I kept a car for 14 years and it only had 37,000 miles on.”

Earlier this year, Status Quo announced their 2022 UK and Ireland tour dates.

The group were set to tour the UK and Europe in 2020 following the release of their latest album Backbone.

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However, the tour was eventually cancelled due to the pandemic.

The Out Out Quoing tour is now scheduled to take place in Spring 2022.

Francis said the band “cannot wait to play again”.

According to Planet Radio, Francis said: “Every gig is special for Quo but it’s been too long since we got to play anywhere.

“Going out is something that we all took for granted. Not any more.

“Going out, going out properly – ‘going out out’, as some would have it – became a bit of a dream but now that dream can come true.”

He added: “The name of the tour is a bit of humour, but a celebration too.

“However, I’d urge fans not to overthink it and just prepare for all the hits and some serious live music energy!”

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