Tamar Braxton Suspected of Getting Her Face Done After Looking Different in New Videos

While the former ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ contestant tries to raise awareness about the importance of drinking water, some social media users point out at her ‘new face’ in the clips.

AceShowbizTamar Braxton is probably going to mark her TV return with something new. After hinting that she’s done with unscripted TV world, the singer has caught public’s attention for allegedly getting a “new face.”

On Thursday, October 7, Tamar tried to urge her fans and followers to drink their water to keep their health. Waving her bottled water to the camera, she spoke and sang about drinking her water. “Mind your business and drink your water,” she captioned it.

Tamar shared a similar message in a video she posted two days earlier. Sporting full makeup, she held a glass of water. In the caption, she explained why it’s important to drink water. “Y’all I really called my sis @cjakescoleman and confessed that i didn’t remember the last time that I drank water (I hate it),” she began writing. “and seriously, by the looks of her skin and weight loss, I knew she was really on to something Great….”

“and so, it was time for ‘ole Tay Tay to get it together,” she urged. “My skin was looking crazy and I stayed bloated and I needed to change that terrible habit!! & Some of y’all do too!!…Come and join this October water challenge with me and let’s keep each other motivated to a better health plus her song is catchy C’mon and drink your water YEAH.”

While Tamar tried to raise awareness about the importance of drinking water in both clips, social media users couldn’t help noticing that her face looks different, prompting them to accuse her of recently getting cosmetic procedure.

“Face look funny,” one person pointed out. Another remarked, “I don’t know why she would do that. She already had nice cheek bones. Now she looks like a moon face.”

Speculating about the procedure that Tamar may have gotten, one person asked, “Did she get face injection.” Another wrote, “Whew…I hope those fillers wear off sooner than later. She looks a fool.” A fifth commenter said, “It’s the Botox for me.”

Some others, meanwhile, advised Tamar to stop changing her look. “No more face work please,” one implored. Another similarly commented, “please no more,” while someone else pleaded, “She needs to stop whatever she’s doing.”

There were some, however, who came with harsher comments on Tamar’s alleged new face. “Wtf is wrong with her face,” one exclaimed. “Her face looks HUGE! Wtf!” another claimed. One other slammed the singer, “EXACTLY she looking like a ALIEN!”

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