Terrelle Pryor Involved In Horrifying Bike Accident, 'Luckily Still Breathing'

Terrelle Pryor says he crashed his bike Thursday morning — flipping the thing TWICE — but, the former NFL star claims he somehow escaped the scary wreck with no major injuries.

It’s unclear where the accident took place … but Pryor posted videos and a picture of the damage done to his three-wheeler in the crash, and it’s horrifying.

You can see in the footage, Pryor’s bike had severe scrapes, scratches and dents … and the windshield was completely crushed.

In a comment on the clips, Pryor said, “Flipped twice from this dumb ass car chipping me.”

He added, “Luckily still breathing and a scratch.”

In a message to TMZ Sports, Pryor reiterated he came away from wreck OK … saying, “Yea, I’m cool.”

Pryor has been seen in the three-wheeler — a Vanderhall model that runs for around $30,000 — for the last few months … even posting some video of him driving the ride with no hands back in May.

Pryor, though, said he will NOT be getting another one after Thursday’s accident … saying he’s, “Done with bikes.”

Of course, this ain’t the first time Pryor has been fortunate to be alive after a terrifying incident … you’ll recall, he somehow made it out OK after he was allegedly violently stabbed by his GF back in Nov. 2019.

Pryor — who’s been out of the NFL since the 2019 season — has been trying to make a football comeback, though he still remains a free agent.

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