The Sussexes were ‘demoted’ even further down on the site

For a while now, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been featured somewhat prominently on, the royal family’s official site which features all of the main working royals. While the line of succession on’s site was updated within 24 hours of Queen Elizabeth’s passing, it’s taken the webmasters this long to update the prominence and decline of the working royals’ jump pages. Hilariously, Meghan and Harry are still listed on the page, even though everyone is clear that they’re not coming back and they’re not working royals. So now, under King Charles, the Sussexes have been put at the bottom of the page, under the Duke of Gloucester (who??), the Duke of Kent and Princess Alexandra (who I have never seen in my entire life). Buried underneath the Sussexes? Prince Andrew. Who is also not a working royal, having “given up” his status when he paid millions of dollars in a settlement to his rape victim, trafficked to him by his good friends Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein. Guess which version of the story is getting all the headlines?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have officially been demoted. Over the weekend, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s pictures were pushed all the way down to the bottom of the list on the Royal Family’s website.

While they were still working members of the family, the couple’s dedicated pages were listed right below Prince William and Kate Middleton’s, who have since been promoted to Prince and Princess of Wales respectively.

After they stepped down from their duties on January 2020, they were pushed to sit right below Princess Anne. But now, after King Charles III ascended the throne, they sit right on top of the disgraced Prince Andrew.

Since their infamous “Megxit,” the pair have rarely returned to the UK from their new home in California — that was until Queen Elizabeth II’s death on Sept. 8. Their demotion is just the latest snafu the couple has faced in the past couple of weeks.

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I hope the Sussexes’ lawyers send a cease and desist and a removal order to Buckingham Palace and Instead of treating this like a demotion, treat it like these septuagenarian a–holes are still using Meghan and Harry’s names for clout. It’s another case of the Windsors wanting it both ways – either Harry is the son of the king and treated with respect commensurate to his position in the line of succession OR he’s not a working royal and therefore should not be included in way, shape or form. Pick one.

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