This is the richest member of the Chrisley family

The Chrisley family was first introduced to fans as the wealthy owners of a massive, opulent Georgia mansion, flush with cash and not shy about showing it off. When it came to patriarch Todd Chrisley, he was especially fond of the finer things in life. Chrisley Knows Best showcased the family living it large for several seasons, memorably spending tens of thousands of dollars on clothes annually, until an abrupt move to Nashville signaled something was up.

In August 2019, Todd and Julie Chrisley were indicted on a list of charges that included federal tax evasion and fraud. In a statement obtained by the AP, the Chrisleys’ attorneys said Todd and Julie “are innocent” and “allegations contained in the indictment are based on complete falsehoods.” (In October 2019, they were reportedly cleared of state tax evasion charges, but this didn’t knock out the other charges.)

He started out as the head of a real estate investment firm, but the repercussions from Todd’s fall from grace are still being felt, with Celebrity Net Worth putting him at -$5 million (yes, that’s a minus figure). Thankfully, the rest of the family are better off, so it’s unlikely they’ll be ending up on the streets of Music City any time soon.

Savannah Chrisley is making big moves

Chrisley Knows Best breakout Savannah Chrisley is fast becoming a star in her own right. As Life & Style magazine reports, the ambitious entrepreneur launched her debut clothing line, Faith Over Fear, in 2017. And only a couple years later, she dropped a line called Rampage. She turned her attention to beauty in 2020 with the release of a cosmetics line, Sassy Cosmetics. Savannah enthused, “This was something I’ve been working on for the past five years and the fact that it’s finally coming to life is so exciting for me.”

It’s worth noting, too, that the Chrisley family happens to be on a hit reality show. As bad as things might get for them, it’s safe to assume Todd and Julie earn a hefty amount of money from Chrisley Knows Best. While Savannah probably isn’t making quite as much as her parents, she’ll still stand to take home a decent amount. Celebrity Net Worth puts her at $500,000 in her own right (her bother Chase Chrisley, meanwhile, is worth about the same).

Julie Chrisley is sitting on a personal fortune

Although Julie is embroiled in the same legal drama as her husband, the dedicated mother and reality star is actually quite wealthy in her own right. The Chrisleys’ attorney, Robert Furr, told People back in 2014, “She is well-off. She has her own money.” Furr explained that Julie had lent money to Todd over the years for his real estate business, but reiterated it was all hers to give. It’s not entirely clear how Julie made her money, though it’s implied she earned a significant amount through real estate investments. 

As Dirt reported, the Chrisleys put their $3.4 million Nashville home back on the market for $4.7 million in 2019, just a couple months after they bought it. Their previous home, purchased in 2016, originally set them back just $1.6 million. Regardless, Celebrity Net Worth puts Julie’s current net worth at $3 million, making her easily the wealthiest member of the family.

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