This "Thinkin Bout You" Choreography Is Even More Impressive Once You Know Ciara's Watching

As soon as I hear the first few beats of Ciara’s “Thinkin Bout You,” I want to get up and dance. Not well, mind you. I’ll leave that to the pros at LA’s Millenium Dance Complex. The dancers there recently received a special visit from the 33-year-old singer herself before they dove into a routine from her music video choreographed by Brian Friedman. “Something about dancing just makes you feel empowered,” Ciara said in her pep talk. “Stay committed to what it is that you’re on right now, and that you believe. Make sure you surround yourself with greatness.” I sure feel motivated to move after Ciara’s empowering words, so it’s no wonder the dancers gave Brian’s choreography 110 percent. There’s no better time to put on a show than when Ciara’s watching.

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