Tiffany Haddish Serves Turkey for Thanksgiving with XMAS Gift Suggestions

Tiffany Haddish spent ThanksGIVING … GIVING.

Tiffany served up some turkey dinners for some of the folks who were struggling this holiday at The Laugh Factory in WeHo. She knows their situation all too well … Tiffany has been homeless and she’s never forgotten people in her past situation.

Our photog wanted to know how the supply shortage is affecting her XMAS, and she has an interesting take. Tiff doesn’t give traditional presents, because she thinks it misses the point.

When you listen … it’s clear her focus is on the less fortunate, and the things she gives are necessary and clearly appreciated.

Well, there’s one present that’s homegrown that may be for everyone in her life … supply chain crisis be damned!

BTW … lots of other comedians joined Tiffany at The Laugh Factory — Dane Cook, Paul Rodriguez, Tom Dreesen, Thom Tran and Frazer Smith.

The Laugh Factory has made this an annual event for decades, and it’s an awesome place to get a meal and share a laugh.

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