UFC's Jamahal Hill Says Elbow Is 'Rock Solid' After Injury, Wants to Fight Again ASAP

“It’s not as bad as it looked.”

That’s UFC fighter Jamahal Hill telling TMZ Sports the nasty injury he suffered during UFC 263 on Saturday is gonna be FINE … and he’s already thinking about his next fight!!!


The backstory … Hill was fighting Paul Craig when the 30-year-old got caught in an armbar and Paul pulled Jamahal’s left arm in a way it’s not supposed to bend!

The good news … Hill confirms the arm was NOT broken — “just dislocated pretty badly.”

“They were able to pop it back in and the doctor said it’s rock solid. It’s doing all the movement that it needs to, it’s just going to be sore for a while.”

So, what’s next?

“I’ll follow up with my doctor when I land back at home and we’re going to go from there. Hopefully I can be back in real soon.”

As for the pain, Hill says there was a “little discomfort” — but that’s it!

He was more upset about getting caught in the armbar in the first place and losing the fight.

But, Hill’s a tough guy and vows to return to the Octagon ASAP — and he even wants to run it back with Craig!!

“I gotta handle whatever I gotta handle through the loss or whatever, that I just went through. But, definitely I hope he keeps winning, so that way next time we meet is for some serious marbles. But yeah, that’s definitely one I want to run back.”

There’s more … Hill also talks about his future and addresses the criticism of the referee who was working the fight.

But, Hill also delivered this message to his fans …

“I just want everybody know I’m good, I’m alright. I’ll be back.”

“You know, it’s the hurt business. Sometimes you gotta deal with some pain, and you have to deal with it, man. You could take loss as a man, learn from it, grow from it, and you know, the next version of me that you’re about see, that person is undefeated still.”

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