WGA Strike Banner Flies Over Studios, 'Pay the Writers, You AI-Holes'

Hollywood writers striking for fair pay and protections against artificial intelligence are getting some air support … in the form of a funny banner flying over the major studios.

The banner reads … “Pay the writers, you AI-Holes” … and on Monday, a small plane towed it above Amazon, CBS, FOX, Netflix, Paramount, Sony, Universal and Warner Bros.

On the ground, writers continue to pack the picket lines as the strike enters its third week … with neither side showing signs of ending the stalemate.

The strike is definitely getting ugly … in addition to the airplane banner, a massive, inflatable rat popped up outside Amazon Studios … the huge rodent is holding bags of money, wearing a tuxedo and smoking a cigar. The messaging here is anything but subtle.

As for who is funding the plane and the banner … we’re told the money is coming from donations from various unions supporting the striking writers.

Artificial intelligence is a hot-button issue in Hollywood, with writers seeking guardrails so their jobs and livelihoods aren’t negatively impacted by the recent AI innovations.

Remember … “Meet the Fockers” screenwriter Jim Herzfeld says AI jokes suck, and we’re willing to bet ChatGPT didn’t come up with this airplane banner!

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