Why Rudy Giuliani’s estranged wife should’ve seen Page Six story coming

Judith Nathan Giuliani claims she was “shocked” to read in Page Six that she’d agreed to move out of Rudy Giuliani’s Manhattan apartment, and neighbors in the building were pleased to see the back of her.

We reported Thursday that Judith had moved out of the Upper East Side pad after lawyers for her and estranged hubby Rudy agreed he’d live there, while she would reside in the Hamptons, until a settlement was reached in their fractious divorce.

Hours after the story posted, an in-denial lawyer for Judith claimed she and her legal team, “were quite surprised not only that Rudy would choose to divulge private litigation agreements, but that he would attempt to do his patented Rudy spin by claiming victory.”

Except Judith and her legal team weren’t surprised at all, because Page Six had discussed the entire story with them the previous day, and the same lawyer didn’t comment.

The “surprised” lawyer continued, saying claims that Judith was curt with the building’s staff were “absurd.”

He also said Judith was “exploring her legal options” against Rudy, blaming him as the leak to Page Six.

They’re wrong. “We would invite anybody to find a person, either resident or staff member, who would speak negatively about Judith’s interactions,” the in-denial lawyer added.

You’d better watch this space.

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