Why Some Avril Lavigne Fans Are Convinced She's Been Replaced By a Doppelganger

The internet can be a pretty crazy place, and over the years, it has been home to some of the wildest conspiracy theories. When it comes to celebrities, due to their fame and popularity, they often find themselves at the center of many of these bizarre beliefs. Some people may be familiar with the strange rumors eluding that Katy Perry is actually JonBenét Ramsey, a six year-old from Colorado who became national phenomenon in the wake of her 1996 murder. From Beyoncé faking a pregnancy to accusations that Stephen King could have potentially killed John Lennon, the conspiracy theories are endless. Amongst the peculiar possibilities is the belief that Avril Lavigne is actually dead and has been replaced by a doppelgänger. Take a look back at Lavigne’s career and find out what her fans and followers have to say about the odd conspiracy theory. 

Avril Lavigne’s music career 

Lavigne is known for many things. The celebrity’s native Canadian status, her signature punk rock style, and, of course, her music are just a few of the many reasons so many people started following the star. Let Go was Lavigne’s debut album, and it didn’t disappoint. The 2002 masterpiece included hits like “Sk8er Boi” and “Complicated”. 

Two years later, Lavigne released Under My Skin, and the singer’s fans and followers couldn’t get enough of “My Happy Ending”. She continued to produce music that captured her essence and attitude. In 2007 Lavigne put out The Best Damn Thing, and amongst the tracks was the fan-favorite “Girlfriend”. 

More recently, in 2019, Head Above Water, the star’s sixth album, was released. However, despite Lavigne’s continued success and active social media presence, some of her fans and followers have been feeding into one of the strangest conspiracy theories to date.

What conspiracy theory do many fans and followers of Avril Lavigne believe? 

To put it bluntly, some people think Lavigne is dead. Taking things a step further, those same people also believe she has been replaced by a doppelgänger. Making the matter even more curious, these rumors have been circulating for quite some time. Luckily, Insider has broken down the 411 behind the bizarre belief. 

As the story goes, it all began with Lavigne’s parents. Apparently, when the star discovered her parents had gotten a divorce, overcome with emotion, Lavigne took her own life. Lavigne’s fans and followers believe this took place in 2003, and, with that being said, it begs the obvious question: If Lavigne has been dead since 2003, then how has she still been very active in this thing called life? 

Fortunately, fans and followers feeding the troubling theory have filled in the blanks. When Lavigne‘s fame and career first began taking off, the celebrity hired Melissa Vandella to help her manage and deal with the paparazzi. Vandella’s uncanny resemblance to Lavigne made her the perfect candidate for confusing photographers. On that note, the conspiracy theory implies that Vandella has actually stepped in to take over Lavigne’s life after her hypothetical suicide. Black Bag has been one of the many platforms to cover the controversial conspiracy. 

Why the conspiracy theory regarding Lavigne is absolutely not true 

There is an outrageous amount of evidence and reasons that could be used to disprove the conspiracy theory suggesting that Lavigne is dead, and Insider has highlighted some of the main ones. 

For starters, there is no proof or corroboration that Lavigne’s parents actually even got divorced. On top of this, many of the cornerstones of the conspiracy theory were founded on weak and unconvincing pieces of information. From blemishes to the appearance of her nose, there are definitely a few more logical and likely explanations than Lavigne secretly dying and getting replaced. 

Lastly, a blog well-known for its role in the conspiracy theory even admitted to giving into the hoax as a means of trying to prove a point. Talk about a social experiment. Though this conspiracy theory definitely is not true, it most certainly is entertaining. 

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