19-year-old found dead at New Year’s Eve party in Mumbai; two detained

A 19-year-old woman was allegedly murdered at a New Year’s Eve house party on the rooftop of her friend’s home on Thursday night.

Khar police have detained the woman’s boyfriend and one of her friends as they suspect their involvement in the murder.

A police officer said that the victim, identified as Janhvi Kukreja, had attended the party at Bhagwati Heights building along with nine others.

During the party, the victim saw her boyfriend in a compromising position with one of her friends near the water tank on the rooftop, said the police.

The officer said after she confronted her boyfriend and her friend, they got into an argument and the duo assaulted Kukreja.

Kukreja was then climbing down the stairs to go to the building’s second floor. Her boyfriend and the other girl followed her and allegedly pushed her from the staircase, said the police.

“She may have hit her head on the staircase wall or some other blunt object owing to which she suffered severe injuries and died,” said an officer from Khar police station.

He added that a police team collected the CCTV footage of the building in which the victim’s boyfriend was seen leaving the building with some injuries.

After questioning the seven others present at the party, the police discovered that the 24-year-old man was cheating on the victim.

“We also found that the girl’s hair was pulled during the fight and some strands of the hair were found near her body, which was lying at the bottom of the stairs. The body had injury marks on the back and shoulder. “The fight perhaps got ugly and the couple allegedly killed Janhvi in a fit of rage,” added the officer.

Khar police have registered a case of murder and detained the boyfriend and the victim’s friend for questioning.

“Prima facie, the incident seems to be a homicide. The two accused and few others are being interrogated,” said S Chaitanya, deputy commissioner of police.

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