22-year-old Delhi man kills father after argument, chops body into 25 pieces

A 22-year-old man allegedly murdered his 48-year-old father following a heated argument at their house in east Delhi and then chopped the body into at least 25 pieces on Monday night, police said on Wednesday. The son then enlisted the help of a friend and was planning to scatter the body parts in the city’s outskirts a day later, police said.

The son, Aman Agarwal, was arrested minutes before he could leave the house in east Delhi’s Farsh Bazar neighbourhood with four bags stuffed with the body parts, police said.

Joint commissioner of police (eastern range) Alok Kumar said that since Aman skipped work on Tuesday, police believe he spent the day cutting the body of his father, Sandesh Agarwal, and packing it the bags. He was allegedly planning to scatter the body parts in isolated areas around midnight on Tuesday. Aman’s mother and younger brother, who stay in the same house, were in Manali on vacation, he said.

Aman and his friend Ayush, 22, were arrested for the murder, Kumar added.

“During questioning, Aman said told us that his father Sandesh often used to assault him and his mother. He told us that when he came home on Monday night, his father started scolding him for splurging money. He said the argument got heated and he strangled his father. After that he chopped off the body into around 25 pieces using a meat cleaver and was planning to dispose it in the early hours of Wednesday,” Kumar said.

The alleged murder came to light when Sandesh’s younger brother, Adesh, who lives nearby, came to their house looking for his brother.

“Around 10.30 pm on Tuesday, I went to check in on Sandesh, but his son said he was not at home. I noticed that Sandesh’s room was unlocked, which was unusual as he used to keep it locked as he had an ongoing dispute with his wife and sons. He always locked his room when he left the house,” said Adesh, 42, who runs a general store in the same neighbourhood.

“I got suspicious, so I decided to check the footage of the CCTV cameras we had installed in the house. I saw that my brother was not seen leaving. I confronted Aman and asked him why he lied to me,” he said. “I also spotted a man who was seen entering the house in the footage. Aman said that the man had come to deliver food.”

At around 1.30am on Tuesday, I spotted a grey sedan in front of Sandesh’s house, he said. “I went to the house and saw the man who Aman had earlier said was the delivery boy inside. This time, they said he was Aman’s friend Ayush. I feared that the two may have locked Sandesh up somewhere inside so I called the police,” Adesh said.

“After about 15-20 minutes a policeman arrived. When I went inside the house with the police officer, we found three bags on the floor. When the officer asked Aman about the bags, he said there was some raw food that he had to move to one of his restaurants,” Adesh said.

When the policeman opened the first bag, they found Sandesh’s head in it, he said. “He found Sandesh’s body chopped into at least 25 pieces in the other bags,” Adesh said. “We also found Sandesh’s blood-drenched clothes in a trunk.”

Aman and Ayush were arrested for the murder from the spot, joint commissioner Kumar said. Prima facie it appears that Ayush was also present in the house at the time of the murder, Kumar added.

Kumar said Adesh told them that Sandesh had longstanding dispute with his wife Kanchan and the older son. He had also lodged a complaint against them at Farsh Bazar police station alleging that they had tried to kill him. “We are investigating if others are involved,” the joint commissioner said.

Sandesh’s wife and son are yet to arrive in Delhi. They will be questioned once they are here, he said.

First Published:
May 23, 2019 08:17 IST

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