After Aaditya, Another Thackeray to enter politics?

After Uddhav Thackeray’s younger son Tejas shared the dais at Shiv Sena’s public meeting in Sangamner, Ahmednagar district, on Wednesday, speculations are rife that he could be entering active politics.

With Tejas on the stage, discussions within political circles started if Tejas will follow the footsteps of his elder brother Aaditya, who is in active politics. Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray, however, denied it and insisted that Tejas had come to see the election rally. “Tejas has just come to see the rally. He is a person who wanders in the jungle. He knows we don’t have any wild animals; they are on the other side (other parties),” Thackeray quipped during his speech in Sangamner.

Tejas, who shared the stage with Thackeray and other BJP, Sena leaders was welcomed on the stage with chants of ‘Kon aala re, kon aala, Shiv Senecha wagh aala’ (Who has arrived? Shiv Sena’s tiger has arrived).

Tejas, who has a keen interest in wildlife, has been instrumental in discovering new species of gecko, crab, snake.

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