Bengaluru hotels hike food, beverage price as cost of essentials go up

BBHA announced the hike will be starting from next week in all 2,000 small, medium and fine-dining hotels in Bengaluru.

Amid escalating costs, the Bruhat Bangalore Hotels Association (BBHA) has increased food prices by up to 20 per cent in the city.

The BBHA announced the hike will be starting from next week in all 2,000 small, medium and fine-dining hotels in Bengaluru and will affect all food and beverage. According to the Association, the rising prices of essentials like refined oil, gas, milk, and other items have forced the restaurants to hike the food rates.

Speaking to the, P C Rao, President of BBHA, said, “We really don’t want to hike the price of the menus and burden the customers, but the essentials like milk, curd, oil, LPG gas, vegetables and other essential commodities are costly now, hence we have to hike the prices.”

The price hike will be between Rs 2 to Rs 5 per item and prices in fine-dining restaurants will be by Rs 10. “Even the building rent, water and electricity prices have increased. It has been at least four years since we increased the rates of food,” he added.

Krishna Murthy, an owner of Ashirwad hotel in BTM layout said, “We welcome the decision of increasing the food prices by BBHA. It is very hard to run the hotel due to the increase in the rates of all essentials. Apart from this, the labour cost has also increased.”

“After the price hike, the regular filter coffee and tea which was Rs 10 in Bengaluru will be increased to Rs 12. The prices of South Indian dishes like idli, vada and dosa will also be increased since the price of cooking oils have also increased,” he added. According to BBHA, there are around 18,000 hotels in Bengaluru, which also include star hotels and bars, pubs and restaurants.

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