Central Vista redevelopment: CPWD invites bids to transplant 1,838 trees from IGNCA complex

The winning agency will have to transplant the trees in 60 days and provide maintenance and upkeep of the trees for 365 days. The project will be executed at an estimated cost of Rs 1.87cr.

The Central Public Works Department (CPWD) will have to seek approval from the Delhi Forest Department for the transplantation of around 1,838 trees from where the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA) is located, and the Dr Rajendra Prasad Road in front of National Archives, as per a tender inviting agencies for the work released on their portal on May 25.

Three office complexes of the Central Secretariat will emerge on this plot.

The Delhi Forest Department will have to approve the transplantation. The agency that wins the bid will have to also survey the plot again and “submit the methodology of tree transplantation before starting the work. The presentation shall be made to Delhi Forest Services to satisfy their requirements to get their Approval.”

The tender document elaborates on the methods that must be employed for the transplantation process.

This includes, “Roots investigation, Diagnosis of health & treatment of infected area”, “Analysis of the soil at the proposed transplant site where the tree has to be translocated”, formative pruning, preparation of the site where they shall be transplanted, and guidelines to be followed during the transportation process and aftercare, among others.

The agency would have to submit its plan of transplantation before starting the work, and “photographs of each tree before the start of the process of translocation shall be submitted by the bidder. The tree shall be geo-tagged before and after tree transplantation…The entire process of translocation shall be video graphed and submitted fortnightly to CPWD. The penalty of Rs.5,000 shall be imposed if the agency fails to do so.”

The work is estimated to cost around Rs 1,86,50,625 or Rs 1.87 crore. As per the tender, “The scope of work includes a survey of trees, submission of methodology statement, deployment of equipment, human resources etc., adopting scientific methodology, caring for trees to ensure their survival after the transplantation for one year and reporting survival rate of transplanted trees every quarter, etc.”

The deadline for submitting the bids is June 4, 2021, and the time allotted for completing the work is 60 days for the transplantation work and 365 days from the date of start as defined for the maintenance and upkeep of the trees.

The indicative list mentions that 1150 trees have girth up to 50 cm, 401 of girth beyond 50 cm and up to 90 cm, 205 trees of girth beyond 90 cm and up to 150 cm, and 82 of girth beyond 150 cm. This list is approximate and subject to the acceptance of the Delhi Forest department.

The trees will be transplanted to a distance of 2 km, as well as an average distance of 20 km, though the tender does not mention an exact location(s).

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