Chandigarh news: GPS watches to track MC employees from January 15

As many as 4,000 watches have been ordered in the first phase.

From January 15, employees of Chandigarh Municipal Corporation will have to wear GPS wrist watches which will tack their real-time movement. The deadline for this was set by MC Commissioner K K Yadav in a review meeting held here Wednesday afternoon.

“The company that will be making the watches has said that they will be available from January 15. We will have a trial for a few days. Salaries of the employees will be monitored only through these watches,” the commissioner told Newsline.

As many as 4,000 watches have been ordered in the first phase.

Through the GPS wrist watches, the real time movement of the employees will be tracked during their duty hours and accordingly, their salaries will be deducted if their GPS do not show eight hours of duty.

Opposing the move, several employees had written a letter to Commissioner Yadav.

In the letter, they had said that these watches are like a “mounted tension on their wrists” and would make them feel like “bonded labour”.

The letter written by convener of the coordination committee of the government MC employees had stated , “I have been directed to address your good self to reconsider and scrap the move of mandating GPS-enabled watches for the MC employees, as the move will create an impact of great resentment and agony among the MC staff. Sir, they are performing their duties with deep sense of diligence, dedication and devotion. They shall feel like bonded labour with these watches. The move to mandate wearing these wrist watches will give rise to suspicion in their minds about being looked at as non-performing workers.”

The letter had stated, “Their work can suffer with this mounted tension on their wrists. Sir, this type of technology is neither successful nor used for any government employees in the history of Chandigarh and they all fear that this will be the sheer wastage of tax payers’ valued money.” The coordination committee also specified that biometric system is there for attendance and centralised online complaint booking and redressal system was already monitoring the duty hours of the employees.

However, in reply, Commissioner K K Yadav had said that it was “not acceptable”.

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