Current Covid curbs to continue in Pune for some more time: Ajit Pawar

Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar said that he is meeting delegations of industry bodies who are worried out the restrictions and holding deliberations over the issues.

Though there has been a decline in Covid-19 cases in Pune district, the present restrictions will continue for some more time, Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar said on Friday.

He said the decision was unanimously taken by elected representatives of political parties and administrative officers as new infections are yet to come down satisfactorily despite the Covid-19 curve plateauing.

Taking inputs from health experts, Pawar said the current restrictions, under which markets have to shut at 4 pm, will remain in place.

“All the MPs, MLAs and administrative officers who were present for today’s meeting have unanimously decided to continue with the present restrictions. Inputs from the health experts were taken on this. We are in Level 3 as per the existing directives. The infection numbers have come down in recent months but it is not falling consistently,” he said.

Pawar also said he was meeting delegations of industry bodies who were worried about the restrictions.

“Even the government is keen to restart the economy,” said Pawar, but opening up completely will not be the right move at the moment. “When restrictions are eased we are seeing huge crowds, in the markets and tourist spots. Our focus is to speed up vaccination so that the economy can be opened,” said Pawar.

Health experts advising the state government were keen that home isolation of patients should be avoided, especially those who stay in small houses as it was not effective, the deputy chief minister said.

He said the state had urged business owners to get employees at factories and manufacturing units vaccinated. “They have responded positively.”

Speaking about the issue of preparing a development plan for 23 villages which were recently merged in PMC, Pawar said the state government has a right to take a call over who between the PMC and PMRDA must prepare the plan.

“I am not going to say anything about who should do it. Should it be done by PMC or PMRDA? There’s disagreement over this. But whoever prepares the development plan, it should be done keeping in mind the next 50 to 100 years. The plan should be done with thought and reservation for public places such as schools, graveyards, crematoriums, grounds etc should be marked,” he said.

“The PMC has a right to pass the resolution (about the DP). But if they are using their rights in an unfair manner, there’s a state government to oversee. The state government will finally decide what is to be done and if they are not happy they can go to the high court,” Pawar said.

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