In Delhi, the share of private Covid beds occupied is double that in govt hospitals

"At present, we have 4,500 beds in private and government hospitals in Delhi and around 2,500 are still available for patients,” the CM said.

More than 75% of beds earmarked for Covid-19 patients in the capital’s 10 private hospitals are occupied, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Monday.

This is in stark contrast with government hospitals, where only a little over 38% of these designated beds are occupied.

Of the 677 beds for Covid patients in private hospitals, 509 were occupied on Monday, Kejriwal said. In government hospitals, 1,478 out of 3,829 beds were occupied, he said.

“We issued an order on Sunday asking 117 nursing homes/private hospitals to earmark 20% beds for treatment of Covid-19 patients,” the chief minister said. This was expected to add 2,000 beds at private facilities.

“At present, we have 4,500 beds in private and government hospitals in Delhi and around 2,500 are still available for patients,” he said.

Until Monday afternoon, the capital had reported 14,053 cases of coronavirus infection, and 276 deaths. There were 7,006 active cases in the city, while 6,771 people had recovered.

“Of the total 3,829 beds in government hospitals, 3,164 have oxygen support. We are focusing more on oxygen beds as severe patients have respiratory trouble and it is important to maintain oxygen levels. We have 250 ventilators in government hospitals, of which only 11 are being used as of now. There are 72 ventilators in private hospitals and 15 are occupied,” the CM said.

The Delhi government is also preparing GTB hospital to treat Covid-19 patients. A total 1,500 beds with oxygen support are being readied at the hospital, Kejriwal said.

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“The situation is under control and there is no reason to worry. The cases were expected to rise with relaxations in the lockdown. We need to worry if the recovery rate is going down and more people are succumbing to the disease. But in Delhi, the number of active cases is equal to the number of people who have recovered.

“Secondly, we need to look at the health infrastructure and monitor the rise in the number of severe cases. The cases should not turn serious and come to a situation where our hospital system collapses,” he said.

The CM also warned hospitals of serious action if they turned away Covid-19 patients.

Citing the example of a private hospital, which refused a patient with respiratory issues and did not help in arranging a bed after he tested positive, Kejriwal said: “The hospital did not even arrange an ambulance for the patient who tested positive. The patient was left on his own. We have issued a show-cause notice to the hospital. It is the responsibility of the hospital to provide an ambulance and ensure the patient is admitted to a Covid-designated hospital,” he said.

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