JNU seeks donations from its alumni to upgrade health centre

V-C has written to ex-students and has appealed to contribute to JNU Alumni Endowment Fund for developing a well-equipped Covid Health Centre on the campus.

The Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) administration has asked for donations from its alumni to upgrade its existing Health Centre to a Covid Health Centre.

“Like the rest of the Delhi city, JNU campus with more than twenty thousand residents, has also been adversely affected due to the pandemic. In battling this menace, unfortunately some of our fellow residents have succumbed to COVID,” JNU Vice-Chancellor M Jagadesh Kumar said in an appeal issued Wednesday.

“As scientists have warned that this pandemic is going to continue for some time to come, there is an urgent need to upgrade the existing health infrastructure of the campus. JNU administration has recently constituted a Covid Response Team (CRT) which has been making all possible efforts to provide support to the affected residents and contain the spread of this pandemic on campus,” he wrote.

Kumar said the campus had “limited resources” and that there was “a need to boost its existing infrastructure to meet the increased demand on campus”.

“Therefore, JNU plans to upgrade the current infrastructure of our Health Centre and develop a well-equipped Covid Health Centre which requires a considerable amount of financial support. In this testing time, it is time for you to think of your alma mater and be a part of its endeavours to provide safety, security to all its stakeholders, particularly the students,” he said.

“Your contribution to JNU in any form, a one day salary or larger amounts, will make a difference in helping us fight this pandemic. Alumni are also welcome to donate oxygen concentrators. Donating masks, oximeters, sanitizers and digital thermometers will help us in equipping our frontline workers,” wrote Kumar. He has asked that contributions be made to the “JNU Alumni Endowment Fund” which was created in February last year.

“Around the globe, higher educational institutions benefit a great deal from contributions received from their alumni. On behalf of JNU, I appeal to all the JNU alumni to come forward and generously make your contributions to the above “JNU Alumni Endowment Fund” and help your alma mater to achieve its objective to provide good health care to its residents,” wrote Kumar.

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