Karnataka: Denied smartphone, 16-year-old pushes brother into well, jumps in

The police said the teenager "wanted a mobile phone with a touchscreen but his parents did not approve".

Frustrated after his parents denied him a smartphone, a 16-year-old boy in Karnataka pushed his younger brother into a well and jumped in after him in Bhusanur village in Kalaburagi district. The police said the deceased were identified as Sunil Tulasiram Maratha, 16, and Shekhar, 12.

“Sunil was proficient in swimming, he had a tied a bag of stones to his waist before jumping into the well. His brother Shekha drowned as he did not know how to swim,” the police said.

The police added the teenager insisted he “wanted a mobile phone with a touchscreen but his parents did not approve”.

Citing family sources, the police said Sunil was denied a smartphone as his parents thought he would lose it as he frequently suffered from epileptic bouts. “They had instead agreed to buy him a phone with a keypad, but Sunil refused,” the police said.

Upon investigation, the police found that the boys had gone off to a well on the outskirts of the village in Aland taluk. “Their chappals were found near the well a day later,” cops added.

An investigation is underway based on a case registered at Nimbarga Police Station.

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