Maharashtra: MMR’s contribution to Covid-19 cases declines to around 800 daily

As the number of Covid-19 cases reduce in the state, the contribution of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), which comprises Mumbai and surrounding areas, to the daily tally is also declining. The MMR has been the most affected region in Maharashtra.

Of the total 11,447 cases reported on October 16, as many as 3,630 cases were reported from the MMR. The region’s daily case count has declined to 791 of the total 2,535 cases reported in the state on November 16, shows the data released by the state health department.

MMR comprises nine municipal corporations, including Mumbai and the rural areas of Thane, Palghar and Raigad districts. It is also the region most affected by the pandemic in the state.

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However, it is still reporting the highest number of daily infections among all the regions.

The region has also reported 607,073 cases, the maximum count, among all regions till November 16.

Pune region follows MMR in terms of daily case count. On November 16, it recorded 560 cases, the second-highest contribution to cases in the state. It is also the second most-affected area after MMR with 439,364 cases as of November 16.

It comprises five municipal corporations, including Pune and rural areas of Solapur, Satara, Kolhapur and Sangli districts.

“There is a decline in cases and we have been observing it in all the areas of the state. MMR is also reporting less than 1,000 cases but it continues to contribute the maximum number of cases as compared to rest of the regions,” said a health official, wishing not to be named.

On November 9, the state recorded 2,535 cases, the lowest number since June 16 when 2,701 cases were reported.

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