Mumbai: Accused in narcotics case rappels from third-floor flat to escape, falls to death

Accused in a 2017 narcotics case in Delhi, David Hari Rai lived in a flat at Malad (west). He tried to escape as a police team knocked on his door.

A wanted accused in a narcotics case in Delhi died after falling off his third-floor flat at Malad (west) in Mumbai while trying to escape from the police by rappelling down from the window on Tuesday.

The deceased, identified as David Hari Rai, used to live with his family at Haridwar Apartment in Evershine Nagar.

A team from Delhi Police approached the local Bangur Nagar police station on Tuesday to seek their help in catching Rai, who was booked in a narcotics case in 2017. Rai, who was alone at the flat at the time, got a whiff of the police move as a team consisting of Mumbai and Delhi police went to nab him.

“We took the building watchman with us and knocked on his door but he did not open it. A neighbour said she had not seen him for days. So, we left thinking he was not at home. Some time later the watchman informed us that Rai had fallen off his third-floor flat and we rushed him to Shatabdi hospital where he was declared dead,” said the police.

“His wife told us that two years ago he had removed the grill from their flat. When he learnt that a police team had come to catch him, he locked the door. He wore a helmet and used a rope to get down and accidentally fell after the rope broke off. He suffered a head injury and died,” said the police.

The Bangur Nagar police have registered a case of accidental death.

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