Pune health matters: 29-year-old man saved from heart failure; WhatsApp Chatbot to manage diabetes launched

The donor’s heart was transported from Pune to Belapur in 83 minutes

29-year-old man saved from heart failure: A green corridor transplant saves life

A 29-year-old resident of Mumbai underwent a successful heart transplant at Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai. The heart was harvested from a 48-year-old woman from Pune, who suffered a brain haemorrhage on July 2.

Despite efforts, she didn’t respond to the treatment and was declared brain dead as per clinical protocols on July 14. The family was counselled and wholeheartedly agreed for organ donation. The patients liver, kidney and heart were donated. Her liver and kidney were transplanted in patients at Pune.

The donor’s heart was transported through a Green Corridor from Jehangir Hospital, Pune to Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai in Belapur, in 83 minutes.The lead doctor in this surgery, Dr Sanjeev Jadhav, consultant, heart transplant surgery, Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai said, “The 29-year-old man was suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy leading to end state heart failure. He was diagnosed in 2007 and the symptoms worsened in 2019, with breathlessness on minimal walking, swelling in the lower limbs and fluid accumulation in the lungs and abdomen. He needed frequent admissions 2 to 3 times in a month for managing heart failure and he was registered for heart transplant with Zonal Transplant Coordination Committee ZTCC in Feb 2020, as per clinical protocols. He was in waitlist for almost one year with only 15 per cent of heart functioning.”

“There was a suitable donor heart found in Pune, through ZTCC. We immediately informed the patient and made all the necessary preparations for the heart transplant. On July 15, the heart was retrieved at 8: 30 am at Jehangir Hospital, Pune and in 83 minutes it was transported to Apollo Hospitals, Belapur, with the help of Green Corridor. The heart was transplanted in 1 hour 30 minutes. Post the surgery the patient is doing well, awake and responding to verbal commands,” Dr Jadhav said. Dr Jadhav who pioneered heart lung transplantation in the state and is involved in more than 6,000 heart lung operations was supported by a team of specialists, including Dr Shantesh Kaushik, Dr Sachin Sanagar and others.

WhatsApp Chatbot Mishti to provide quick access on how to manage diabetes

Novo Nordisk Education Foundation (NNEF) launched a WhatsApp Chatbot, Mishti as a one-stop solution for diabetes education in India. NNEF’s Mishti aims to provide easy and quick access to important information to effectively manage diabetes.

Some of the key information services offered by Mishti include insulin device demos, customised diet plans for each patient with exercise guidance based on publicly available information, and scientifically backed research papers. It is customised in seven different languages (English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, and Tamil) so that a greater number of people can access the information in their preferred language.

Vikrant Shrotriya, Managing Trustee at Novo Nordisk Education Foundation said that currently, Mishti has received 3700+ unique activations with 51,000+ messages exchanged. To access Mishti, the user just needs to send ‘Hi’ to +918040303314 on Whatsapp.

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