Share footage, record statement: Police urge over violence in North-east Delhi

Delhi Police have issued an appeal requesting people to give their statements and share video footage in connection with the violence in northeast Delhi, which has claimed more than 35 lives.

Thirty-eight people have died in the violence and hundreds are still in hospital in the violence after clashes broke out between supporters and anti-citizenship amendment act (CAA) protesters broke out in northeast Delhi earlier this week.

“Whereas incidents of clashes have taken place in the North East district, Delhi since 23.02.2020. All those who are witnesses to the incidents, especially media persons, or have any information about the incidents or have captured any activity on their mobile phones or camera, are hereby requested to come forward and give their statements, footage and picture in their possession at DCP office, North East district, Seelampur, Delhi, during office hours, on any working day within seven days,” the force said in the appeal.

The appeal signed by additional commissioner of police (crime) BK said witnesses can also contact on phone numbers—8750871221 and 8750871227— to share information.

It said the identity of the witnesses will be kept secret.

Delhi Police have also appealed to citizens to cooperate in maintaining peace and harmony in the city earlier in the week.

At least 79 houses, 52 shops, five godowns, four mosques, three factories and two schools were set ablaze between Monday and Wednesday morning during the riots in north-east Delhi.

A rough estimate by the Delhi Fire Service (DFS), which attended 218 calls related to arson during the riots from Monday to 8am on Thursday, suggests that more than 500 vehicles, including two-wheelers, were burnt between Monday and Thursday morning.

DFS data accessed by HT shows that Tuesday was the worst day of the riots and alone witnessed 89 incidents of arson. While Wednesday saw 57 incidents of arson, 23 took place on Monday.

Fourteen incidents of arson also took place between midnight and 8am on Thursday, the data shows.

Most of these buildings and vehicles were burnt using petrol and kerosene by the raging groups moving around with no fixed plan, but armed with torches and petrol bombs.

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