₹2.7 crore tax evasion detected in Coimbatore

Officials of Central GST Commissionerate, Coimbatore, have detected evasion of nearly ₹2.7 core tax by two units that make kraft paper.

According to a press release, based on intelligence, the officials conducted a search on the premises of a kraft paper making unit at Ayyampalayam in Pollachi. Officials headed by Superintendent George Francis searched the premises on October 13 and found that the unit, a partnership firm, was making and clearing kraft paper even after its registration was cancelled on April 30.

It was found that another unit, a private limited company, was operated on the same premises and the documents recovered revealed that it received the entire goods from the unit for which registration was cancelled. The second unit dispatched the kraft paper to various buyers by splitting the sales value to avoid E-way bill declaration. The second unit had also not filed the statutory returns. The tax evaded by the manufacturing unit was ₹1.7 crore and that by the second unit was ₹1 crore. Both the units were managed by a single person and had a single accountant. The Managing Partner of the manufacturing unit and the Managing Director of the second unit was the same person. He had admitted to tax evasion.

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