₹68,000 crore agriculture budget presented

Minister for Agriculture K. Kanna Babu tabled the Agriculture Budget in the Legislative Assembly on Thursday with a total outlay of ₹68,000 crore. A substantial chunk of it (₹23,104 crore) goes to the procurement of paddy and other crops.

YSR Rythu Bharosa-PM Kisan was provided ₹17,030 crore and ₹1,038 crore has been allocated to pay compensation for crops lost during natural calamities.

The government set aside ₹17,430 crore for supplying free power to the agriculture sector and ₹1,700 crore for increasing the capacity of agriculture feeders.

The micro-irrigation sector got ₹1,224 crore and ₹300 crore was earmarked for cash subvention facility given to Bengal gram crop. A sum of ₹1,520 crore was allocated for supplying power to the aquaculture sector at the rate of ₹1.50.

Other major allocations include ₹688 crore for waiving interest-free loans and Pavala Vaddi loans and ₹960 crore for paddy procurement dues.

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